Have you ever injured your ankle?

An injured ankle or had a ankle sprain can be painful and never again will you walk with stability because it gives you sensation that your ankle is loose. The most common ankle injury is a sprained ankle which is very painful and uncomfortable. If you injured your ankle and it’s nonsurgical ankle sprain or ankle instability the best way is to start treating it as soon as possible for better results. You have any questions, take a look at these frequently asked questions and get yourself to a faster recovery.

What Should I do If I Sprain My Ankle?

First off do not put all your body weight on that ankle because you can make it worse in most cases you’ll need crutches just to keep the weight off the ankle till you recover. Rest is very important because the tissue in the damaged ankle needs time to heal and very little to no weight on it that’s why it’s recommended to use crutches. Ice is very important to bring down the swelling and ease some of the pain. Compression pushing extra swelling away from the ankle, this can be done with an ankle support or elastic wrap.
Elevation is also a good way to bring down swelling just. make sure you put a support under your leg to raise it over your heart. It’s important to keep in mind that gradually start putting some weight on the ankle and in some cases the orthopedic doctor will send you to a physical therapist to get your ankle function and muscles stronger and back to normal. Another way to remember these 5 steps to ankle recovery it spells out RICE. In most cases over the counter anti-inflammatory would be need. There also natural anti-inflammatory that will help bring down the swelling and relief of pain of the joints. Healing of the ligaments takes about six weeks but swelling can last for several months.

Why is my ankle so unstable?

If the ligament didn’t heal correctly, you can end up with a ankle instability. This situation can cause future injuries by the ankle giving up or feeling like it’s going to give up on you and feel untrustworthy. Having ankle instability woman shouldn’t wear heels and in some cases doctors prescribes a plastic foot brace to protect the foot from moving side to side. In most cases you will be prescribed to physical therapy for joint range of motion, strength, and stability.

How many different grades of ankle sprains?

There are three grades to a ankle sprain, GRADE 1 is mild GRADE 2 is moderate GRADE 3 is sever. Depending on the damage of the ligaments is the grade of your sprain. Grade 1 causes mild pain, little to no swelling, no joint instability, Slight stretching or tearing to the lateral ankle ligament, and some joint stiffness or difficulty walking or running. Grade 2 Moderate instability, Swelling and stiffness, tearing of the ligament, and Moderate to sever pain and difficult walking. Grade 3 Complete tear or rupture of a ligament, sever swelling, instability, and sever pain initially followed by no pain. Take at look at the different ankle braces by manufacturer. 

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