Exercises Makes You Stronger…

Hi like the doctor would say exercises is the key to fixing an injury to the knee. After any surgery the doctor will superscribe a Donjoy knee support or depending the injury the doctor can send you to get a Futuro knee brace over the counter. I recommend Nike knee support because that’s the one i have and it helps me everyday with my exercises or even my everyday routines. The best knee support is the one that mostly calls your attention, fits good and comfortable. Everyone has there own taste in brands and that’s great because we were all built different. If your looking for more manufacturer like mueller knee brace, macdavid knee brace, which ever one you decide to be the best knee support just make sure it’s your correct size, fits comfortable and the right knee brace for your injury or situation. Always remember the stronger you make your muscle the stronger your knee will be, better stability thigh muscles is what helps us keep weight of the knee.

Keeping in shape and controlling what we eat is important for the knees. The thigh muscles are important because when you stand up the muscle that’s doing all the work is your thigh muscles if it’s weak then you have no protection to the knee. For better stability and less pain it’s recommended to keep doing physical therapy at home even after your done with therapy. Once you have a knee injury you must watch your weight and always stay somewhat active to strengthening out your knee or knee’s in some cases. For every joint in our body there’s a muscle to protect it, if those muscles are not strong enough you’ll be working the joints hard without it’s muscle protection. To prevent future injuries to any joint, should wear a brace to give you the stability to do your exercises at home some love to jog,run, and even walk that’s a great way to success to making your muscles stronger everyday and live with less pain and stress to the joints in your body. It’s great to own your own a physical therapy chart or even books on joints and muscles. Remember the biggest part of recovery is all up to how you perform with your physical therapy and following it after at home.   

Leave me a comment with any questions or concerns that I can help you with I’ll be glad to help have a blessed day with painless recovery.

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