Brace By Manufacturer

Brace by manufacturer are Different companies make different knee braces like Nike, DonJoy, McDavid and many more… Some recommended better than others but we are humans and have different taste, all I can say they are really great companies. If your like me DonJoy helped me through 4 knee surgery. Always look for what materials the brace and straps are made of. Every knee brace has his functions depending your injury.








Copper Compression

Prophylactic Support

Best for: sports injuries, protects the MCL, Helps reduce Knee stiffness and gives more stability and support to the ACL,PDL, and LCL.

The Prophylactic support is designed with hinges on both sides and adhesive straps and designed to protect the knee from getting damaged while playing a contact sport like Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Hockey ETC. It’s more specifically made to protect the MCL from injury. Study has proven that 20 to 30 percent  show less MCL stiffness and strain relief while using prophylactic brace. Most athletic players have had MCL injuries from not protecting there knees during games. They can also protect against re-injury after previous MCL injury and support crucial ligaments during rotational stress. This will reduce the amount of injuries on a player day in and day.

Functional Braces

Best used for: Sports injuries, Rehabilitation, After surgery, and ACL surgeries.

Functional braces are used after a knee injury for providing support while the knee is healing. Depending on your injury is depending what functional brace you would need. There’s various functional braces for MCL, ACL, PDL, LCL, and combination injuries. The reason why is important to use the proper functional brace to your injury or injuries in some cases is because there are specific functional knee braces that apply the appropriate forces to support the affected ligament. Most of the time when there’s an injury your doctor might prescribe a knee brace as part of rehabilitation programs.

For more severe injuries, a knee brace that uses a ridged frame with hinges on both sides. The most common one are stretchy neoprene material and has metal hinges on the sides of the knee. In some cases an over the counter brace may work if you take the proper measurement unless your orthopedic doctor recommends a custom fit brace.

Functional knee braces are designed to reduce knee instability after an injury and most of the time are recommended for people who are very active, workouts, twisting, jumping,and active. It’s also better for stability and reduces risk of injuries in other parts of the knee. After a ACL ligament reconstruction is usually about 6 to 12 moths using a functional knee brace is recommended. Some patient complain because the (neoprene) irritates the skin. There are substitutes for neoprene for delicate skin. Functional Braces is not good for people who have very unstable knees and bad ligament injuries.

Rehabilitative Braces

Best for: Sports injuries, rehabilitation, after surgery, and movement control

Rehabilitative are designed to limit movements of the knee while healing after an injury or knee surgery. It protects injured ligament and controls movement during rehabilitation for an injured ACL, PDL, MCL, LCL, or meniscus. These braces are normally used 2 to 8 weeks while being place on crutches after an injury or surgery. This rehabilitative brace they allow space for swelling , it’s also gives the ability to remove the brace and have the knee examined by the doctor. This brace is foam around the sides and has 6 to 8 straps that holds it in place.

Unloader Knee Brace

An unloader knee brace provides knee support and reliefs pain caused by Osteoarthritis. There’s been millions of Americans that have been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis, that causes lots of pain and makes it harder to walk. It’s even hard to do your everyday life between pains and brakes every minute of the day. With the unloader brace gives you stability and support you need to make your everyday easier without pain and less swelling.

Knee Sleeves

Best for: Knee pain, knee stability, and reduces knee strain

A knee sleeve is mostly worn by athlete and casual exerciser, including Joggers, runners, and walkers. It provides compression around the knee joint and some knee stability. These are none as the least expensive knee support there is out there. Always remember to speak to your doctor about which knee brace is good for your knee injuries.

There’s a lot of knee braces to choose from. If you like for me to post about more knee braces or like to start a discussion which knee brace has helped you, Please feel free to drop by and leave a comment in the home page.