Hi i’m Jesse i’m going to tell you a little about myself and my experience with my knee and how my brace  helped me support me through my hard times. I love sports always have sense i was a kid I’ve played football and   basketball it was my dream, I started football when i was seven years old, playing for Parks in a great city in Miami. I loved it, stay with in the weight always running and staying fit.Jesse and Maria

On my free time i would play basketball always staying active made me feel alive, all through middle school everything was great doing what i mostly loved and keeping good grades very important. My first year in High School was amazing i made it to varsity thanks to all my coaches who taught me everything i needed to know about sports specially football.

In my sophomore year I went out for a long touchdown when i was hit by two helmets on my right knee causing my knee to look like the size of a basketball and causing the liquid of my knee to come out, i was rushed to a near by hospital where they drained my knee and did an x-ray. I was told i would not be able to play for the rest of that year, I was in therapy for five months of lots of pain.


Many years went by i couldn’t play what i mostly loved football, but that can never stop me for my everyday life so i graduated and at the age of thirty my meniscus and ACL Ligament gave up on me leaving me in so much pain i couldn’t even move, i went for a MRI for the second time and my Orthopedic surgeon had told me he had to go in to clean around the meniscus so it wouldn’t be bone to bone. That was my first Knee surgery.

My Orthopedic surgeon  then said i had to recover from that surgery to replace my ACL Ligament with a cadaver graph. So I did three months of therapy and once again thanks to my brace i had support to get through the therapy and not have as much pain. At the age of Thirty one i was going in to surgery for the second time to put the new ACL Ligament in. Back for Five months of therapy after my surgery i felt confident that my brace would support me to get through all this.

At the age of thirty four my new ACL Ligament, was rejected by my body, it caused me to go into surgery again, once in surgery my Orthopedic surgeon  noticed the new ACL Ligament had torn again. So was replaced for the second time with another cadaver graph. Once again back to therapy my knee brace kept me pain free and stable to support me through all my exercise. I’m thirty six now and my knee is pain free but there is days that even to do my daily routine i depend on my knee brace for support.

I always use my knee brace for my daily exercise walk, jog, and run it gives me stability and pain free. I would have not been able to do all my therapy and still to this day all my routine exercise if it wasn’t for my knee brace giving me the support and stability for my knee. Wishing everyone the best and don’t forget to support your knee when being active.


Thanks for dropping by wish you all the best…

Jesse Gonzalez